Lemony S Puppet Theatre offers a range of puppetry and performance workshops for children, adults and professional puppeteers. 

Up-coming workshops

Lemony S Puppet Theatre is holding a weekend of puppetry skills master classes. Day 1 explores puppetry and performance skills. Day 2 investigates creating new puppet works and writing for puppet theatre.

Join us for one day or both. $55 per day.



Saturday 25th March 1 - 5pm

Day 1. This workshop is for interested adults who are interested in learning more about puppetry. We will cover a range of performance styles including bunraku, table-top puppets, hand and rod puppets and object theatre.

Bookings; https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/puppetry-performance-workshop-day-1-tickets-32576008719?aff=eac2

Sunday 26th March 1 - 5pm

Day 2. This workshop investigates theatre making techniques for creating new works for puppet theatre. Using a range of stimulus, we will unpick what makes a strong visual theatre work and how best to use this art form onstage. This workshop will include a generative writing component as well as physical activities.

Bookings; https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/creating-puppet-theatre-day-2-tickets-32576056863